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“For a darker version of a classic fairytale, try Louise Rowe's Red Riding Hood: a Pop-Up Book . Sepia-toned collage and a snarling wolf leaping from the page give this work from a new illustrator an atmosphere all its own.”
The Independent

"Red Riding Hood’s landscape and settings leap from the page in spectacular pop-ups that add drama and tension to this well-known fairytale. A sophisticated treatment with appeal for children and adults."
The Bookseller

“The story is depicted in sepia tones and presented as a pop-up book with some very impressive paper engineering: the scene where the wolf eats Red Riding Hood is positively terrifying.”

This pop-up book is so beautiful that it was only on about the fourth or fifth time of looking at it that I actually started to read the text. Of course the story is so well known that it would be intelligible without words, and while Louise Rowe has given a gentler ending to the story than the Grimm original, with the wolf hurrying away into the forest, it is told in spare language that feels close to the dark original while giving the stage to the images that spring out of the pages.

It is often said that picture books have more in common with theatre arts than with prose and it is very much the case here, where each opening functions as a mini-stage set. The book consists of only six openings and Rowe has made assured choices regarding which parts of the story to illustrate. The images themselves are an exercise in sumptuous restraint, with the subtle palette restricted to dark browns and sepias highlighted with the russet red of the Red Riding Hood, the wolf’s throat and the fire in Granny’s grate. Louise Rowe has made the best use that I have seen in a long time of the technical possibilities that IT offers in building up images through repetition of a motif. She has used leaf skeletons from the Peepal tree to create unique ‘collages’ and combined this with cold white space that takes us straight into the dark folktale world of fear and rescue. A book to be treasured!

Inis Magazine


The Art of Pop-Up by Jean-Charles Trebbi has just been released. It features many paper-engineers from around the world. It includes images from Red Riding Hood: A Pop-up Book and an interview.

Sleeping Beauty: A Pop-up Book will be released in America and Canada in November 2012.

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